Thanks for visitng by corner of the inter-webs. My name is Timothy Matthews, and this is my blog about a number of IT subjects that i work with on a daily basis.


I’m an IT consultant from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I started my Professional IT career 7 Years ago and have never stopped learning new things about this fascinating industry. I am currently the Senior Systems Administrator @ Prival ODC in Montreal.

I’ve worked with Windows Server since Server 2003, and VMware ESX /ESXi since version 3.5. I have also worked with numerous other solutions like Watchgaurd XTM, Smoothwall, Extreme Switches, Veeam Backup, CentOS, Ubuntu, Exchange, EMC VNXe SANs, Equallogic,  and the list goes on..

You can get in touch with me through my LinkedIn ProfileTwitter, and the blog’s email address tmatthews at microitblog dot com